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No space is too small for a Garden

Keep it simple

This week we show you 3 small outdoor areas which use simple design elements to turn the space into something really unique proving often, less is more.


No matter how small a space when designing a house, consider incorporating a design element to link the inside with the out. In this example the designer has used an oversized window with an outlook to a small outdoor area planted with large cactus plants. Such a simple idea, yet it looks so effective. The sculptural qualities of these plants create a living piece of art which can be admired from the indoors or out.

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If your flooring and walling elements outside are neutral or somewhat bland, you can introduce some striking design elements to lift the space. This outdoor area does just that. A retro wireframe chair has been used as a sculptural piece.  It is anchored in its surrounds by a single pot, planted with green grass. Who would have thought grass alone could look so design chic!

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Continuing the indoor / outdoor link, why not create impact in your hallway or front entrance by inviting the outside in.  Normally large scale pots and plants would be left for the outdoors. Introducing a large scale pot into an interior environment makes not only a unique “pot plant” but a great focal point to admire.

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